8 800-273-2464 - sales@greenrubber.com Pura-Thane Belting PURA-THANE TPU FDA/USDA BLUE 30 SAND BLASTED X NEG. PYRAMID PTU0030NPBL COVER PU WT. / SQ. FT. 0.75 PROFILE RUFFTOP PLIES 0 GAUGE (INCH) 0.118 TENSION / INCH 30 TEMP RANGE -40 / 150 MIN. PULLEY 2.75 PURA-THANE TPU FDA/USDA BLUE 25 SAND BLASTED X SMOOTH PTU0025SMBL COVER PU WT. / SQ. FT. 0.56 PROFILE SMOOTH PLIES 0 GAUGE (INCH) 0.098 TENSION / INCH 25 TEMP RANGE -40 / 150 MIN. PULLEY 1.6 PURA-THANE TPU FDA/USDA BLUE 20 SAND BLASTED X SMOOTH PTU0020SMBL COVER PU WT. / SQ. FT. 0.5 PROFILE SMOOTH PLIES 0 GAUGE (INCH) 0.08 TENSION / INCH 21 TEMP RANGE -40 / 150 MIN. PULLEY 1.5 PTU belts are are perfect for meat, poultry, and fresh-cut produce processing. They are available in traditional “tension” driven flat/smooth configurations, as well as sprocket driven “positive drive” styles, which enhance tracking and performance. All PTU belts are certified by US and EU food contact regulations and are approved by USDA Meat & Poultry and USDA Dairy for direct food contact. The Volta Advantage - Volta Belting’s homogeneous belts are known for their high material strength, superior dimensional exactitude, and stability. The materials are resistant to cuts and abrasion, and are impervious to water, oils and other fluids. ­­­ • No links, hinges or crevices that can harbor bacteria • Reduced food loss, cleaning costs, and downtime • Longer product shelf life, suited to HACCP • No seams or plies that fray and delaminate • Easy to weld or make repairs on site