7 800-273-2464 - sales@greenrubber.com Pura-Thane Belting PURA-THANE COG-VEYOR TPU FDA/USDA BLUE PBL3.0 SAND BLASTED 9DBL COG ROWS PTUCV0035SMBL COVER PU WT. / SQ. FT. 0.88 PROFILE SMOOTH PLIES 0 GAUGE (INCH) 0.137 TENSION / INCH 120 TEMP RANGE -40 / 150 MIN. PULLEY 6 PURA-THANE COG-VEYOR TPU FDA/USDA BLUE PBL2.5 SAND BLASTED 9 DBL COG ROWS PTUCV0025SMBL COVER PU WT. / SQ. FT. 0.63 PROFILE SMOOTH PLIES 0 GAUGE (INCH) 0.098 TENSION / INCH 86 TEMP RANGE -4 / 176 MIN. PULLEY 4 Pura-Thane (PTU) series belts are the newest innovation in conveyor belt technology for the food processing industry. Urethane belting is extremely resistant to cuts, abrasion, and chemicals. They are simultaneously hygienic and easy to sanitize. Available in truly monolithic (no fabric) extruded configurations, this type of belting is non-absorbent and provides the highest resistance to bacteria and contamination of any belting currently being manufactured. Positive Drive - Cog-Veyor is the leader in innovative conveying alternatives. Our positive drive system is one of a kind in the marketplace and continues to help a large range of industries. Cog-Veyor means innovative, reliable, and safe methods of food production. PURA-THANE BELTING