63 Sterling Electric Motors & Gear Reducers Since 1927, Sterling has provided the food and beverage industry with reliable motors for tough applications. The Sterling Electric family of high quality stainless steel motors and gear reduction units are premium-quality products engineered to NEMA standards, ideal for highly sanitary applications, and with superior performance in demanding wash-down applications. We specialize in stainless steel units for the food industry, and offer a full selection of mild steel units for general industrial use. Van Der Graaf SSV Sanitary Drum Motors 800-273-2464 - sales@greenrubber.com Specialty Products NO EXTERNAL MOVING PARTS Increase Operator Safety All external moving parts such as gearbox, chains, motor, chain guard and pillow block bearings that present safety hazards are eliminated. 96% MECHANICAL EFFICIENCY Reduce Energy Costs Van der Graaf drum motors operate at 96% mechanical efficiency resulting in lower operating cost compared to conventional drives. The higher efficiency of the internal drive can result in energy savings of up to 30% over conventional exposed-drive conveyors. NO HIGH QUALITY ALLOY STEEL Reduce Noise Levels The drum motor being completely sealed with no external moving components eliminates the need for continual chain adjustment and yearly maintenance. Our motors are virtually maintenance free, requiring only an oil change after 50,000 hours of operation which can be performed without removing the drum motor from the conveyor. LOW PROFILE Enhance Space Utilization Low profile of the drum motor results in a streamline appearance and allows to fit more belt conveyor into less floor or overhead space. Allows higher density and multiple applications. ANTIMICROBIAL DESIGN Prevent Bacterial Harbouring Designed and engineered specifically for the food industry, the USDA approved sanitary series drum motors meet and exceed the highest level of sanitation requirements. The all stainless steel construction IP69K sealing system can withstand up to 3,000 psi wash down pressure. The Van der Graaf Drum Motor is a one component conveyor drive which houses all components internally, eliminating the need for external components like motor, gearbox, sprockets, chain, chain guard and pillow block bearings. This reduces operating and maintenance costs, improves safety conditions, and because it is completely sealed, our drum motors can operate in extreme environmental conditions. The rugged design of the Van der Graaf drum motor provides the end user with a quieter environment, space savings, efficiency and reliability with virtually no maintenance. The drum motor offers a versatile, less complex and more efficient way to power your belt conveyor. ADDITIONAL SPECIALTY PRODUCTS