4 Blue hygienic conveyor belting for food processing is one of our specialties at Green Rubber - Kennedy Ag. Blue conveyor belts meet advanced hygiene requirements and are the new industry standard for food safety. Material Matters Choosing the right material for your particular food processing application is a critical part of proper belt design. Options include: ∙ Smooth, homogenous extrusions ∙ Aramid reinforced thermoplastic ∙ Textured covers for improved handling characteristics ∙ Woven mesh for de-watering and filtration ∙ Versatile modular belting ∙ Coatings for durability & sanitation Custom Fabrications Green Rubber - Kennedy Ag has the tooling and technology to create any conceivable belting configuration with virtually indestructible welded bonds: ∙ Flights (aka “Cleats”) ∙ Sidewalls ∙ Perforations ∙ V-Guides & lugs ∙ Tracking guides Supernatural Color The blue color of modern hygienic belting does not exist in nature and is easily distinguished from food products and foreign matter for improved sorting and inspection on the processing line. GET YOUR “BLUES” ON