5 HERE TO SERVE YOU Green Rubber-Kennedy Ag is the supplier to many industries. If a product is conveyed, we have a belt to move it. Food Processing: Fresh Vegetable and Fruit Fresh-Cut Packaged Products Cereal and Grain Nut Harvesting Meat Poultry and Fish Processing Tomato Harvesters Sizing Belts Case Sealers Packaging Machinery Form Fill and Seal Belts Bucket Elevator Belts Dewatering, Mesh Belts Carton and Cardboard Box Industry: Carton Conveyors Corrugated Box Plants Folder Gluer Belts Perforated Vacuum Belts Stacker Belts Recycling Industry: Commingled Recyclables Scrap Metal Recycling Aluminum and Plastic Recycling Baking Industry: Bread, Biscuit, Cookie and Cake Lines Candy, Chocolate and Confections Tortilla Belts Teflon Coated Belts Cooling Tunnel Belts Depanner Belts Heat Shrink Tunnel Belts Wine, Grape and Brewing Industry: Grape Harvester Belts Curved Cleat Belts Can and Bottle Lines Can Elevators Transportation, Logistics and Baggage Handling: Loader Belts Power Turn Belts Ground Support Equipment Belts Mining, Aggregate, Sand and Gravel Industry: Quarries Sand and Gravel Plants Hot Tar & Asphalt Belts Cement Batch Plants Ready-Mix Plants ...and more innovative technologies as they become available. CONVEYOR BELT PART NUMBER CODES BELT FAMILY TRAIT COVER MAT'L PLIES TENSILE STRENGTH PROFILE COLOR BACKING/SPECIAL MP MONOPURE (MONOFILAMENT) U URETHANE 1 050 50# PIW SM SMOOTH WT WHITE NO SUFFIX STD BACK/SKIM SP SANIPLY(SPUNPOLYESTER/PLIED) V VINYL/PVC 2 080 80# PIW BB BARE (NO COVER) BK BLACK 0 BARE BACK WH WORKHORSE (WOVEN) N NITRILE 3 100 100# PIW AM ANTI MICROBIAL BL BLUE 2 COVERED QK QUARRY KING (SAND/GRAVEL) S SBR 120 120# PIW CR CUT RESISTANT PU BN BROWN AS ANTI STATIC PTU PURETHANE EXTRUDED BELT T TEFLON 150 150# PIW etc. CT CRESCENT TOP GY GREY AM ANTI MICROBIAL PARTNER HG HIGH GRIP CL CLEAR NF NON-FRAY FABRIC HR HIGH RELEASE GN GREEN SP NEEDLED/SILENT LG LONG. GROOVE TN TAN LR LATERAL RIB LT LATTICE TOP MC MEAT CLEAT MR MINI ROUGH TOP NP NEG. PYRAMID NT NIPPLE TOP PT PEBBLE TOP RT ROUGH TOP SS HI GRIP SNAKE SKIN ST SAW TOOTH ZT Z TOP KEY FAMILY MP MONO-PURE SERIES, MONOFILAMENTS FOR HIGHLY SANITARY FDA/USDA APPLICATIONS. SP SANI-PLY SERIES, MULTI-PLY POLYESTER FABRIC BELTS FOR FOODSERVICE AND GENERAL INDUSTRIAL USE. FDA/USDA. TPU EXTRUDED FDA URETHANE. FDA/USDA 3A DAIRY APPROVED. WH WORKHORSE SERIES, GENERAL PURPOSE SINGLE PLY, SOLID-WOVEN FABRIC BELTS. QK QUARRY KING SERIES, FOR HEAVY-DUTY AGGREGATE AND MINING APPLICA- TION. COVERS PVC POLY VINYL CHLORIDE FAMILY PU POLYURETHANE SBR STYRENE-BUTADIENE RUBBER