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Green Rubber - Kennedy Ag

Pura-Thane Super Hygienic Belting

Hygienic Belts for Food Safety…When hygiene is critical

Green Rubber-Kennedy Ag is the industry leader in distribution and fabrication of highly sanitary, super hygienic belting.

A new generation of belts is ready to help food processing companies to meet stricter hygiene demands. Working closely with OEM's and end users, Green Rubber-Kennedy Ag is continually working on providing the most innovative products in the belting industry. We are now featuring a family of products we call Pura-Thane, which are available in traditional tension driven form, as well as a new generation of positive-drive belts that can be run on sprockets, to replace traditional modular belts.

Typical applications are situations where hygiene is of the utmost importance, such as:

  • Vegetable and fruit processing
  • Meat & poultry processing
  • Fish and seafood processing
  • Dairy products
  • Confectionery products
  • Bakery products

SAFE: Green Rubber-Kennedy Ag provides a food safety solution, based on:

  • Safe products comply with international standards as EC 1935/2004, EU 10/2011, FDA and USDA
  • Belt designs, colors and materials help you to achieve your HACCP programs
  • Innovative solutions to avoid migration to foodstuffs

CLEAN: Green Rubber-Kennedy Ag provides cleanable belts:

  • Easy and fast cleanable belts
  • Cleaning costs drastically reduced
  • Lowest amount of water, detergent and labor time required
  • Unique products easy cleanable due to less chance on bacteria to harbor

Good - sealed edge belts. Belt edges of conveyor belts are normally finished with cut edges and are not protected against external influence. One of Green Rubbers’ belt edge protection concepts is sealed edges. The sealed edge protection completely seals the belt edge on all sides with a thermoplastic strip. This construction runs the risk of wearing or tearing off, which can expose belt edges and lead to potential wicking of liquids into belt fabrics.

Better - Non-fray, non-wicking fabric belts. The Mono-Pure Non-Fray product line is a unique series of belts utilizing an innovative fabric structure that reduces fray. This radical solution has been thoroughly tested, and the results are overwhelmingly positive! By utilizing our Non-Fray fabric and then coating it with our food-friendly Mono-Pure urethane covers, we have created a belt with excellent tracking qualities and the ability to handle troughed applications. Unlike traditional solid thermoplastic belting, our non-fray has good stretch resistance, with no edge distortion.

Best - PUra-Thane, Homogeneous urethane belts. These belts are made from the highest quality thermoplastic urethanes and come in positive drive and friction drive configurations. Manufactured with a series of high tensile strength aramid fibers, fully embedded in the thermoplastic material to provide stability, strength, and the most hygienic belt on the market.

Why should you do business with us?

Green Rubber-Kennedy Ag has built a reputation with our customers as a hard working, dynamic company committed to service and quality products over all else. We do that by treating you fairly, giving you the right product the first time (on time) and by being honest about what we can and can't do (if we can't do something for you, we'll tell you who can).

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Green Rubber - Kennedy Ag is a full line industrial and agricultural product distributor specializing in farming, food processing and industrial markets. We proudly distribute products by such noteworthy manufacturers as Parker-Dayco-Eastman, 3M, Spears, Poly Processing, American Honda, Bandit, Value-Guide, Flexco, Sterling Electric, AC Tech, & many, many more (over 500 in fact).

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