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Green Rubber - Kennedy Ag

About Green Rubber - Kennedy Ag

About Green Rubber Kennedy AG

Green Rubber - Kennedy Ag is a full line industrial and agricultural product distributor specializing in farming, food processing and industrial markets. We are located in the heart of California's Salinas Valley, known as the nation's salad bowl, and have built a reputation with our customers as a hard working, dynamic company committed to service and quality products over all else.

We proudly distribute products by such noteworthy manufacturers as Parker-Dayco-Eastman, 3M, Spears, Poly Processing, American Honda, Bandit, Value-Guide, Flexco, Sterling Electric, AC Tech, & many, many more (over 500 in fact).

Why should you do business with us? We're real people with real experience in dealing with your problems. We take our knowledge and experiences with various customers and relate them to your business. We enjoy finding solutions to your problems, and making long term friendly relationships in the process. Let's face it, any company can sell something once-but we want to maintain your business for the long haul, and we want you to tell others about us. We hope to accomplish that by treating you fairly, giving you the right product the first time (on time) and by being honest about what we can and can't do (if we can't do something for you, we'll tell you who can). So call us.

Green Rubber Kennedy-AGGreen Rubber - Kennedy Ag tank delivery caravan in California

Our History

Green Rubber and Kennedy Bros. came together in 2003 to create Green Rubber - Kennedy Ag.

Green Rubber was started almost 20 years ago and grew from a three person company to a two-branch business with over thirty employees. We had made service our priority, and taken pride in being better than our competition. We competed daily with some of the biggest industrial chains in the country and our business was thriving and growing each year!

Kennedy Bros. was also started almost 20 years ago, in 1990. We had started with a 4 person team which sold tanks, pumps, and spray equipment. Our goal was to provide great products, but more than that... we wanted to provide wonderful service! With that mind set Kennedy Brothers expanded to 5 locations from Watsonville to Oxnard.

It is no wonder we teamed up to create Green Rubber - Kennedy Ag. With such diverse product lines yet with the same goal, to provide the best customer service possible, Green Rubber - Kennedy Ag is one of the strongest industrial and agricultural retailers in Central California and southern Arizona.

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Our Suppliers and Brands

KVP Charles Walker Flexco Alligator Good Year System Plast Fenner Dunlop Chemprene Fabreeka Ammeraal Beltech Van der Graat Shingle Belting NITTA VOLTA NIBA

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