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Green Rubber - Kennedy Ag

Aquamate Steel Water Tanks

Green Rubber Kennedy Ag now carries Aquamate Steel Water Tanks!

Aquamate Steel Water Tanks

5,000 to 102,000 Gallons

Combining Corrugated G145 Galvanized Steel & an NSF/ANSI 61 Certified Polyethylene Liner

Aquamate is a vertically integrated, specialist fabricator of Geosynthetic membrane-lined steel water tanks, used for rural water storage, fire protection, and rainwater harvesting systems. Aquamate has over 30 years of experience in designing and building lined steel tanks for use in harsh environments. Together, Aquamate and Green Rubber – Kennedy Ag are positioned to meet a wide variety of rural water storage challenges for their customers throughout California. CLICK HERE for a more detailed look at Aquamate tanks and CONTACT US for more information.

Gross Volume 5,000 gallon* 12,000 gallon 16,000 gallon 28,000 gallon 37,000 gallon 50,000 gallon 65,000 gallon 77,000 gallon 102,000 gallon
Model No# CA5000 UR3D205 UR4D205 UR3D307 UR4D307 UR3D409 UR4D409 UR3D512 UR4R512
Tank Diameter 10'7" 17'1" 17'1" 25'7" 25'7" 34'2" 34'2" 42'8" 42'8"
Cistern Height 7'3" 7'3" 96" 7'3" 9'6" 7'3" 9'6" 7'3" 9'6"